Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's Wrong With Jake Peavy?

Jake Peavy started his season off terribly, prompting me to write this article examining his performance from a data standpoint. While he got torched in his first inning at Texas two starts ago, he's thrown 12 scoreless innings thereafter. Naturally.

In addition to my work, Alex Eisenberg over at Baseball-Intellect has put together a fantastic little look into Peavy's mechanics this year, and notes a couple of important differences. It's definitely worth checking out.

Eisenberg notes major differences in his break point and elbow height.

In the piece, Eisenberg also takes a direct quote from Peavy when discussing his mechanical issues just a few days ago. In the quote, Peavy hones in on his lower body mechanics, completely apart from anything Eisenberg addresses. What I found interesting, was that Peavy really seemed to key on the fact that his release point was way off and simply not consistent, leading to his poor command.

This is the perfect opportunity of course for me to say, "I told'ya so."

"His command is being affected by his inability to find consistent release points, and his movement is nowhere to be found."

*Pats self on back.*

Anyways, I always suggest reading articles that make me seem even the slightest bit more intelligent than I really am. You know, because I'm vain like that.

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