Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royals Send Victor Marte to Cardinals

It seems had to recall, but Victor Marte has actually spent at least parts of two seasons working in the Royals bullpen, including 27.2 innings last year. Of course, the fact that he posted a combined 9.30 ERA in his MLB career probably has something to do with that. It serves ones mental health well to have no recollection of such dreadful performances.

How bad was Marte last year?

In those 27 innings he managed to allow 30 earned runs - more than anyone else on the team allowed all season. He allowed 55 base runners in total - just over two per inning pitched.

Thankfully the bevy of talented young relief arms percolating their way through the Royals system have made players like Marte thoroughly unnecessary, allowing the team to ship off someone who is best served as Minor League filler at this point instead of holding onto them and allowing them to work 5.6% of the teams total innings of relief.

Instead the Royals have sent the live armed, 31 year old Marte, who no longer served a purpose for the club, to the Cardinals where he will likely fill a similar role, that of Minor League depth and a possible emergency bullpen arm.

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