Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Baseball Doldrums

We've pretty much officially reached baseball's version of purgatory. That time between the beginning of the off season when free agent speculation is rampant and each team's fanbase is wondering what toys their Franchise's GM will stuff their proverbial baseball stockings with, and the start of spring training.

At this point, essentially every major free agent is off the board already and most teams have completed all of their internal arbitration signings. Most of what needs to be done between now and then is more subdermal. Teams will be scanning the waiver wire and making minor league signings to add depth in positions of need. There may be a couple minor trades. But for the most part, the action is over. At least for the teams.

For writers like me on the other hand, it's time to begin the grueling process of analyzing where each team stands now that the dust has (mostly) settled. With that in mind, I'm here to let you know that while the action phase of the off season may be over I'll still be cranking out all kinds of new content to keep up with your need to have your baseball craving constantly satisfied.

Over the next couple months my goal is to create projections for every player I expect to be on the 25-man roster. I'll also be examining the key Minor Leaguers who are most likely to have an impact on your squads success in the upcoming season and analyzing all of the most important spring training battles. Furthermore, you can expect to see me continue churning out content on my recently started Sabermetrics Explained series where I [attempt] to explain a lot of the key components of my analysis and how they work together to help provide a clearer view of a players talent and likely impact in the future.

For now, just sit tight and try and stay warm. Ideally do it with a hot dog and some homemade nachos. Maybe put in some DVD highlights from last year. But whatever you do, please for the love of God, don't do it in a Snuggie. That's really all I ask.

Baseball is coming folks. I promise, this is all going to get a lot better really soon.

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