Monday, January 31, 2011

Royals Sign Darwin Castillo

Not much to report here other than that the Royals have signed Darwin Castillo, a RHP out of the Dominican Prospect League. Unfortunately I don't have an age available on Castillo yet - I'll try and dig that up of course.

What I can tell you is that he's 6'5" 215lbs, and has a nice clean 3/4 delivery. He doesn't look like he repeats his motion with great consistency (hardly abnormal) but he clears his shoulder nicely and finishes cleanly - generating easy velocity. He also showed a curveball that humps a bit too early but with work could be a plus pitch if he can do a better job of working out front.

Overall, he LOOKS like he could be a decent prospect. Clean delivery, ideal size, the makings of a decent breaking ball... But we're going to have to see how old he is, and then follow him though at least one full season before we can even begin to start projecting him.

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