Monday, February 14, 2011

Afternoon In The Central

It's gorgeous here in Minnesota again, 40 degrees with some sun and snow melt pouring onto the streets. Feels like spring. I've also successfully completed a stomach altering trade with Chipotle for a barbacoa burrito. Chipotle will receive cash considerations and a player to be named later.

And of course for all you love birds out there, happy Valentine's Day. Feel free abuse your Visas at will.

- I'm constantly prowling through Central-land in search of new blogs and this afternoon I came across Tigers Amateur Analysis. With 200 posts in each of the last two years, Erin is clearly working hard and pumping out a lot of content.

- The AL Central FanSided blogs have finally - at long last, and after a protracted 3rd base run off vote - reached a consensus on position players for it's AL Central all-star team. Unless the rules stipulated that each team needed to have at least one representative, it would seem to me that Adam Dunn got hosed. If the rules did stipulate that, then Butler was the only logical choice.

- One area of the AL Central blogosphere that I have done a poor job exploring has been the Indians realm. That's not on purpose of course, my internet travels just haven't led me in that direction enough. Today I try and fix that.

To open, I'll start with the work of Paul Cousineau at The DiaTribe who has done a phenomenal job with his website and is producing perhaps the best Indians content anywhere. The writing is exceptional, the analysis is spot-on, and the posts are frequent. It'll definitely be a part of my daily reading from now on. A must bookmark if you're an Indians fan.

- I'll also give some love The Tribe Daily. They don't quite live up to the name, but it's a site worth checking out all the same. One thing author Nino Colla really has going is a fantastic list of roster information and payroll data. 

- Kings Of Kauffman keeps counting down their Top-25 prospects, today it's diminutive lefty Tim Collins.

- Tigers mainstay Bless You Boys is bringing on a new writer, Matthew LaFave. I'm sure it'll be another fantastic acquisition for their site and I wish him nothing but the best with them.

Speaking of adding writers, I've been kicking around the idea of trying to bring another voice into the fold here at CiF. We'll see if I actually decide to do anything with that. But if you're interested, let me know by dropping a line at

- A great take on the Chris Sale situation now that the White Sox have decided to work with a four-man rotation to open the season from Southside Sox. A subject I really need to expound on myself in the near future.

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