Monday, February 14, 2011

Late Night In The Central

- This is going to be spraying mace in the the eyes of Royals fans, but Tony Pena Jr is making a comeback... as a reliever. But don't worry Royals fans, Dayton Moore hasn't signed him yet, he's in the Red Sox camp this spring.

- I'm ashamed I haven't caught onto this site sooner, but Clint Scoles is doing some really amazing work covering the Royals at his blog 14 for 77. I'd definitely recommend heading over there and reading some of his work. I'll also be adding it to my recommended reading.

- Still more on the Liriano craziness as a pair of my favorite Twins writers, Nick Nelson and Phil Mackey weigh in with sound analysis and especially in Nelson's case, just really engaging writing. 

- Former White Sox executive David Wilder has plead guilty to charges that he skimmed bonuses from Dominican signees.

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