Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twins Payroll Estimate: 2/16/2011

This estimate reflects only players who are currently under team control for the 2011 seasons and those that follow. It does not include any speculation on players who will be signed via free agency or those who will be acquired via trade. This list will change as the off season progress, and players are acquired, or lost.

The positions in many cases are speculative. If I pencil in a player at a position who did not start there in 2010, it may be because I simply feel he would be the most qualified should 2011 begin today. It does not necessarily mean I expect the team to enter the 2011 season with said player manning that position, so don't read into it too much.

An asterisk denotes an arbitration eligible player and my estimate at what they'll receive. Please note that this is not an exact figure, but should be close.

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P Player 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
C) Mauer 23.0m 23.0m 23.0m 23.0m 23.0m 23.0m 23.0m
1B) Morneau 14.0m 14.0m 14.0m FA

2B) Nishioka 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 4.0m

3B) Valencia 450k 450k arb.1 arb.2 arb.3 FA
SS) Casilla 865k arb.2 arb.3 FA

LF) Young 5.375m arb.3 FA

CF) Span 1.0m 3.0m 4.75m 6.5m 9.0m FA
RF) Cuddyer 10.5 FA

DH) Kubel 5.25m FA


BN) Thome 3.0m FA

BN) Butera 450k 450k arb.1 arb.2 arb.3 FA
BN) Repko 600k FA

BN) Tolbert 450k 450k arb.1 arb.2 arb.3 FA

SP) Liriano 4.3m arb.3 FA

SP) Pavano 8.0m 8.5m FA

SP) Baker 5.0m 6.5m
9.25m FA

SP) Blackburn 3.0m 4.75m
5.5m 8.0m FA

SP) Slowey 2.7m arb.2 arb.3 FA


RP) Neshek 625k FA

RP) Perkins 700k arb.2

RP) Hoey 450k 450k arb.1 arb.2 arb.3 FA
RP) Duensing 450k arb.1 arb.2 arb.3

RP) Mijares 450k 450k arb.1 arb.2 arb.3 FA
RP) Capps 7.15m FA

RP) Nathan 11.25m 12.5m FA


Total 112.015m 77.5m 59.5m 41.50m 32.00m 23.00m 23.00m

Arbitration Contract Option

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