Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Afternoon In The Central

Indians Links:

- A Tangle In The Outfield; Chisenhall? Pomeranz? Why not?

- Continuing the Top-50 Countdown: Kyle Blair (#14), Nick Hagadone (#13), and Bryce Stowell (#12)

- PHENOMENAL new site to add to your Indians reading: Cleveland Indians Chatter.

Royals Links:

- Top Pitchers Show Off In Lincoln

- News and Notes from Kings Of Kauffman (including a CiF link!)

- The Missing Link: Substandard Mid-Week Filler (more CiF links!)

- Waiting for the Real Games

- Danny Duffy and the Tale of Two Fastballs

- 2002 Twins Should Be Model For Royals

Tigers Links:

- A link that I'll be adding to our Blogroll: Tigers Amateur Analysis

Twins Links:

- Fantastic breakdown of international spending by AL Central teams.

- Leaving Injury Island

- Pleasant Surprises

- 3 For 1 Special: Part One (Slowey); Part Two (Baker)

- Justin Morneau Return to the Field, Feels Good; Kevin Slowey, Trade Bait?; Counting On A Big Season From Denard Span

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