Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AL Central Injury Updates

It seems like yesterday, but I haven't done an Injury Update since the 27th. Apologies for that.


- Grady Sizemore (Knee): Still no closer to returning from off season microfracture surgery at this point. It seems highly unlikely he opens the season.

- Trevor Crowe (Shoulder): Has been taking cortisone shots, but also remains doubtful for the start of the season.

- Michael Brantley (legs): Has been experiencing fatigue and pain in legs. Will take a few games off.

- Shin-Soo Choo: (Elbow) He's been experiencing some discomfort but as of now isn't expected to miss time.

- Jared Goedert (Oblique): Is expected to miss at least two weeks. Was a long-shot candidate for a backup infield position. Will open the season in AAA.

- Jason Donald (Hand): He was hit in the hand by a pitch. X-Rays negative. Should be back playing within a week.

- Anthony Reyes (Elbow): Threw a 36-pitch bullpen without any reported issues.


- Jason Kendall (Shoulder): Has been cleared for workouts and has expressed a desire to be ready for opening day. Of course, being able to make the all important throw to second will likely be the deciding factor on when he ultimately makes it back. Purely a guess on my part: he won't be ready until mid-April.


- Carlos Guillen (Knee): Has begun running the bases, and has been taking BP. Likely won't start playing for another week or two. Looking like he could be ready for opening day.

- Joel Zumaya (Elbow): Initially he was only supposed to miss a few days with what was described as broken scar tissue. That's not entirely abnormal. However, after seeking a second opinion it now sounds like he could miss two more weeks with inflammation and has said he anticipates missing the start of the season.

- Daniel Schlereth (Hamstring): Schlereth pulled a hamstring pitching last week and at this point is expected to be back in about a week to ten days.


- Justin Morneau (Concussion): Huge news out of Twins camp today as Morneau received clearence from his doctors to begin playing. Played in his first game immediately and doubled in three runs, ran the bases well, and looked good in the field. Still not in the clear yet as he'll need to continue to play symptom free.

- Joe Nathan (Elbow): Continue to improve. Latest readings have him at 89-92mph on the gun, showing improved command. Three scoreless innings thus far.

- Delmon Young (Toe): Young is battling turf toe right now and given the nature of the injury, it'll likely bother him for most of the 2011 season. The Twins are trying to give Young rest in the hopes that it improves. He did play today however and looked ok scoring from first on Morneau's double.

- Michael Cuddyer (Foot): Cuddyer had a wart removed from the bottom of his foot and is expected to miss another week as the incision heals.

White Sox:

- Jake Peavy (Lat):Huge news out of White Sox camp as ace Jake Peavy made his return to the mound sooner than almost anyone could've expected last Friday. Bette news, everything went great. Reports had Peavy in the 89-91 range and he worked in his off speed pitches a little bit too. It sounds as though he'll either be ready for the start of the season, or within the seasons first two weeks. Like all recoveries from major surgery, his injury is worth watching.

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