Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prospect Profile: Daniel Schlereth

Profile: LHP - 6'0" - 198lbs -BT:L - TH:L - 2011 Age: 25


• FB 91-93: Solid arm-side run, well commanded. (55-65)
• CV 79-81: Good vs lefties, but he knows how to backdoor righties too. (55-60)
• CH 82-84: Show me, almost completely abandoned at this point. (30-35)


Schlereth is getting a bit old to be on this list, and having now pitched in parts of two seasons, labeling him as a prospect is a bit of a stretch too. He's well known because of his father, Mark, former NFL player and TV analyst, however Schlereth has the tools to make a very good name for himself. A first round draft pick in 2008, he signed for 1.3m and did so in time to make his debut the same year.

A power arm out of college, Schlereth is a drop and drive pitcher who work out of a 3/4 slot, generating good velocity and solid plane. He hasn't developed into the high end reliever I once expected he would as his velocity seems to have come down but Schlereth remains a solid reliever and his stuff will allow him to succeed in the Majors. He has had Tommy John surgery and his mechanics do still have some red flags, but with a new elbow, and working out of the bullpen, hopefully those risks are mitigated.

Though Schlereth has thrown a changeup before, the pitch seems to have been mostly scrapped at this point and is now strictly a two-pitch pitcher, fastball/curve. The fastball still runs up with good velocity, but it's not the great velocity we had seen earlier in his career. The pitch has some arm-side run which is more good than great and doesn't get much depth. His curve at times looks more like a slider and people have definitely called it that before. The pitch has 11/5 and sometimes even more 10/4 break meaning it doesn't get ideal depth, but the pitch still moves well with very good tight rotation and late break.

Performance Analysis:


At this point Schlereth largely is who he is and that's a strikeout machine with fairly extreme control issues. He managed to suppress those control issues somewhat last year, walking just under five batters per nine innings. Unfortunately, that's still a ton of walks and despite his ability to miss bats, he'll get himself into trouble on occasion. He does a good job getting ground balls on the curve and shouldn't give up too many home runs because he does a good job keeping the fastball down in the zone.


I used to see him as a closer, but his velocity isn't what it once was and his curve never developed the way a lot of people expected. I'm not even certain if he's a setup guy at this point given his command issues. He's a border-line 7th/8th inning guy.

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