Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello AL Central in Focus

My name is Colin McLaughlin, I am 26 years old, a resident of New York City, and an avid baseball fan. In addition to the basics, I am now a contributor on AL Central in Focus. I am very excited to contribute to what I believe is an excellent forum for AL Central discussion.

I like to think of myself as someone who thinks and writes about baseball in a very logical and practical manner. However, when it comes to baseball, everyone is just guessing. Everyone is guessing about player performances, team developmental strategies, and various other topics for discussion. What I hope to do is at least make educated guesses about these various topics using original empirical perspective and good observation. At the very least I hope to offer up original topics and some interesting discussion about baseball in the AL Central.

Since the topics on this site will be all about the AL Central, I must disclose that I am a Tigers fan. I will try to be as impartial as possible, but if you are a fan of the White Sox, Indians, Twins or Royals, feel free to let me know if you feel I am not focusing enough of my energy on your team. Also be aware I might occasionally say something illogical and impractical just to get your blood flowing.

I am really excited to contribute to the site in the very near future. Please feel free to post any ideas you might have for my first topic of discussion in the comments section below.

Happy Opening Day!! Good luck to all the AL Central teams this season, may they all beat up on the AL East, AL West, and last but not (entirely) least the NL.

Play Ball.

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