Monday, March 21, 2011

AL Central Injury Updates


- Grady Sizemore (Knee): Finally some good news on the Sizemore front. After running the bases and practicing sliding with no major ill effects, Sizemore participated in his first game action yesterday, going 0-2. He's still not on track for opening day, and the team still has no real timetable for his return. It seems that he'll go to EST to open the year and then go on a rehab stint before returning. Mid-April? Early May?

We don't know yet.


- Jason Kendall (Shoulder): Sounds like he'll be ready to go by Mid-April.


- Carlos Guillen (Knee): Will open season in EST and on 15-day DL. Still making progress.

- Joel Zumaya (Elbow): Will open season in EST and on 15-day DL. Still making progress.

- Justin Morneau (Concussion): Has played in some games and looked good, but still isn't playing every day. Opening day status remains uncertain.

- Joe Nathan (Elbow): Nathan has shown encouraging velocity, but at times has struggled with his command and isn't missing bats the way he used to. He's definitely not his pre-surgery self. Which isn't a hug surprise.

- Michael Cuddyer (Foot): Should be back soon after having wart removed from the sole of his foot. Has already played on the MiLB side, with a homerun and double.

White Sox:

- Jake Peavy (Lat, Shoulder): There had almost been too much good news on the Jake Peavy front, and unfortunately things have slowed. After missing his last start with shoulder soreness, he's been diagnosed with tendinitis in that shoulder. Long term, it's of little concern, it's an issue of inflammation for which meds and rest will help, but it does mean any chance of opening the year in the rotation is off the table. Still looking at a mid-April, early-May start.

- Dayan Vidiedo (Hand): Expected to miss a few more weeks as he recovers from the broken hand he suffered after being hit with pitch.

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