Thursday, March 24, 2011

Morning In The Central

Ok, wow. It's been a WEEK since I did a link list, so this is going to be pretty damned extensive. Get your popcorn ready.

Indians Links:

- Deep Left Field: Less is (Size)More; Indians Without Two Starters On Opening Day

- Cleveland Indians Chatter: Chisenhall Decisions & Options; Rosterbating The Indians Opening Day Roster

- Let's Go Tribe: The Final Spots: Fourth Outfielder; The Final Spots: Rotation; The Final Spots: Infield

- The Cleveland Fan: What Will Mike Be Like?; The Starting Rotation: Sizemore Returns, Lewis in Limbo

- Indians Prospect Insider: Top 50 Prospects: Nick Weglarz (#5), Drew Pomeranz (#4), Alex White (#3), Jason Kipnis (#2), Lonnie Chisenhall (#1); With Donald Out, is Hannahan the Favorite?

- The Tribe Daily: Sizemore!; About That Whole Bullpen Thing

Royals Links:

- Kings Of Kauffman: Seven More Cuts; Better Than Expected; The Bullpen Gets... Less Fuzzy; Winning the Zack Greinke Trade; Pitching Staff Takes Shape

- RoyalsCentricity: Lynx All Around (with a special gift just for me!)

- Royally Speaking: Expected

- 14 For 77: Royals Under The Gun At All Levels; Spring Training Pics and Video; How The Omaha Roster Is Shaping Up; Reshuffling the Top-35

- Royals Authority: Three Catchers, No Waiting; Spring Hit Parade; Now It's Getting Serious; Lineup!

- Royals Review: Will Mike Aviles Ever Earn 1m in a Season?; Adjusting the Timetable for Mike Moustakas; Royals Name Luke Hochevar Opening Day Starter; Alex Gordon Hitting Profile; Royals Trade Brett Carroll to the Brewers; Worst Possible Decisions: 2011

Tigers Links:

- Bless You Boys:

- Motor City Bengals: Benoit Putting In Work; Tigers Announce Starting Rotation; Will Rhymes Named Starter; Sleepers To Keep An Eye On; Tigers Valued At 385m

- Old English D: Linkarama

- The Detroit Tigers Weblog: Quantifying Old Smokey

- No Run Support: Morning Cuts; Spring Training Photo Links; Stuff And Things (CiF Link!);

Twins Links:

- Over The Baggy: A Closer Look At Kevin Slowey

- Nick's Twins Blog: Position Analysis: Center Field, Left Field, Shortstop, Third Base, Second Base; Padres Claim Neshek

- K-Bro: So Long, Pat-Pat

- Off The Mark: So Long, Pat Neshek

- Puckett's Pond: Twins Pitchers By ERA+; Cuddyer and Clubhouse Chemistry

White Sox Links:

- Southside Showdown: Thornton Named White Sox Closer; Jake Peavy Shut Down; Sox Make More Cuts

- South Side Sox: Looking at the AL Central Shortstops; Who's Right in the Boras/Reinsdorf Flap?; White Sox To Start Managing Peavy; What Happened to Tony Pena?; De Aza Damaged Most By Latest Cuts

- My Sox Are White: AL Central Preview: Detroit Tigers

- Future Sox: System Breakdown: Relievers

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