Thursday, April 1, 2010

Braves decline Edgar Osuna's return, clears waivers

This fall the Royals took Braves prospect Edgar Osuna in the minor league portion of the Rule-V Draft and today the Royals offered him back. When the Braves declined his return it gave the Royals the opportunity to keep him and they've chosen to option him to the minors.

Last year Osuna split 150.0 innings between A+ and AA posting a 1.27 WHIP and a 4.02 ERA. The Royals front office was undoubtedly intrigued by his solid K rates in the Sally League. Unfortunately, those haven't carried over and have steadily declined as he's moved up the ladder. In 77.1 innings in AA last year he posted a K rate of just 5.7.

Fortunately, Osuna will be just 22 this year, still extremely young for his level and he has plenty of time to refine his game, but right now his future appears to be as a back-end starter or long reliever.

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