Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project Prospect Profile of Miguel Sano

Twins super-prospect Miguel Angel Sano is profiled here by Jessica Quiroli.

Sano of course was signed by the Twins last year after much hand wringing about his real age. Multiple tests suggest that he actually is 16, however the Twins definitely took a big gamble by investing 3.15m into the young Dominican shortstop. At just 16 years old it's foolish to project too far into the future as he is simply too raw as a player, but the comparisons being thrown out are impressive.

While Sano is a shortstop for now, most, if not all project that he'll eventually be moved to third base or a corner outfield spot as his already substantial frame fills out. He receives highest marks for his arm and power. The Twins will have him begin the season in the Gulf Coast League, and finish in the Dominican Summer League.

Tracking his performance in the GCL should be somewhat telling - is as much as Rookie League performances can be - as to what sort of projection he's on. Should he experience success at that level, which would be impressive for a 16 year old, he could move faster than I expect.

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