Friday, April 2, 2010

Wilkin Ramirez to AA

Tigers prospect Wilkin Ramirez will be heading back to AA to start this year after spending 2009 at AAA Toledo. This however appears to be more of a commentary on how deep the Tigers system is on outfield prospects than a condemnation of Ramirez himself. Indeed, Wilkin posted a solid if unspectacular .773 OPS last year.

Ramirez was once fairly highly regarded as a prospect but always had issues with high strikeout rates, a problem that persists. If he cannot get that under control, his future as a Major Leaguer is limited. I personally disagree with the move as I don't see how it'll help Ramirez improve, but given the options, the Tigers hand appears to have been forced.

I don't think Ramirez carries much trade value as a corner outfield (even though the Tigers will be playing him in CF at AA) at his age and with his strikeout rate, but should the Tigers be in the trade market at some point, his name is definitely one that will be brought up.

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