Monday, April 5, 2010

Indians v White Sox 4/5/10

I'm not going to do game recaps or anything like that too often, but if I watch a game I'll try and give my thoughts.

White Sox offense off and running - Manager Ozzie Guillen wanted a more aggressive team, and boy does he have it. With the exception of Carlos Quentin not seeming to understand that any time the lead runner takes off, the follow runner should do the same, the manager should be pleased. They hit. They ran the bases. They scored runs. It helps that Jake Westbrook was awful and that Lou Marson couldn't keep a ball in front of him to save his life, but good teams take advantage of their opponents mistakes and the White Sox did that today.

Lou Marson Struggles - Four 'wild pitches,' none of which were that terribly wild.

Jake Westbrook shelled - pulled after 4 innings with the bases loaded and no one out in the 4th. It could be a long season in Cleveland. After not pitching for nearly two years, one kind of has to wonder, "what exactly was Manny Acta thinking?" When he wasn't skipping pitches about two feet short, he was serving meatballs, and boy, the diner was open for business today.

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