Monday, April 5, 2010

Tigers Top Prospect has 'shoulder impingement'

Update #2: Or not. Dr. James Andrews (isn't he well known enough that he should have a cool nickname by now?) is suggesting a rehab program. We'll see how everything goes, but lets hope all is well.

Update: It sounds like it may be torn.

Immediately after having to follow up on the worrisome news that Tigers prospect Casey Crosby has a, "sore elbow," I'm now seeing that Tigers prospect Cody Satterwhite has a 'shoulder impingement.' I did a little research on the subject and it sounds like the issue is a lot what it sounds like - some sort of debris in the joint blocking it from it's typical path of motion. That debris could be scar tissue, bone spurs, or in the worst case scenario, can result from labrum tears.

In all likelihood it's the sort of thing that can be treated without surgery. Obviously this would be for the best. Satterwhite is an impressive young relief pitcher who is probably second in my book behind Daniel Schlereth. He operates in the 92-94 range but can hit 97 and brings a plus slider and a show-me changeup. Satterwhite struggles with his command a bit, but at just 23 has some time to figure it out. Obviously this isn't going to help at all.

And again I find myself in the crumby position of wishing a talented young player well.

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