Monday, April 5, 2010

Mark Buerhle Makes Defensive Play of The Year in First Five Innings of Season

Seriously, I understand there are about 1,395 games left to be played, but the contest is already over. I'll have video as soon as it's available.

UPDATE: You can find video of the play here.

Deflected off the leg...
Chased down in foul territory...
Flipped with the glove... between the legs and backwards...
Barehanded by Konerko at first...
Nothing but out!


  1. Corey, awesome to see you've started to blog your insight. I've read your smoot posts on the ESPN boards since 2008 (I believe). While not always agreeing with you, I always appreciated that your posts were not emotional but rather thoughtful and fact-based.

    I never bothered to post on ESPN (too many morons), but under this forum - which will, presumably, be well moderated to disallow much of the nonsense posts that pollute the ESPN boards - I'm hopeful for a 2010 season filled with deep intelligent baseball talk here.

    White Sox fan myself, but most importantly a strong love of the game. Cheers Corey, and thanks for the blog!

  2. Well, welcome.

    First off, as I always try and do, I want to acknowledge the kind words. As someone who offers their opinions, it's always great to get positive feedback.

    I understand that we aren't always going to agree, that's just an unfortunate fact of offering so many ideas. Regrettably you can't always make everyone happy. What I hope for more than anything is that I'm able to provide unbiased, researched opinions.

    Anyways, I've rambled enough. Welcome to the site - now tell your friends and lets start building a great AL Central community.