Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Link Roundup

- A few days ago I made a point of highlighting the great work friend of CiF Josh Duggan was doing over at Royalscentricity - today I'll also point out the great writing of Jeff Parker at Royally Speaking. Today he's got a really great article about Alex Gordon up. Highly recommend checking it out.

If those two Royals Blogs aren't on your bookmarks list, they should be.

- The incredible Seth Stohs has a really good post about the Twins Kyle Gibson and why, despite the fact he may be ready from day one, the Twins would be wise to wait with him. Seth is a brilliant prospect mind and one of personal favorite writers/people. The piece is a cautionary tale to everyone about how, despite all the promise, even the best prospects need time to adjust to the Major Leagues, usually multiple years and how going slow with them is always a prudent strategy.

- A positive Justin Morneau update from Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune.

- I could promote this website every day of my natural born life and still fail to do it justice. The folks over at Indians Prospect Insider continue to churn out tons of high quality scouting reports. Over the past week they've profiled seven players - prospects #40-#34. Robbie Aviles (#36 on their list) is one guy I have my eye on.

- Nothing unexpected, but Indians phenom Carlos Santana has been cleared to play ball again.

- Beyond the Boxscore (where friend of CiF Dave Gershman writes) has a very good post up ranking the AL Central rotations. I'd probably flip the Twins with the White Sox, but I certainly understand their rationale.

- Kevin Pajor with his first post as lead writer for Southside Showdown on Carlos Quentin. Certainly wish Charles the best in his venture with, a really solid network of sports blogs.

Did I miss something really good? Let me know about it!


  1. Thanks a lot for the shoutout!

    Just a note, I'm not lead writer--that's Travis Miller's new title. I'm just a contributor.

  2. Ah, many apologies. All the same, great work keep it up.