Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prospect Profile: Brett Eibner

Brett Eibner

Profile: OF - 6'4" - 210lbs - BT:R - TH:R - 2011 Age: 22


• Hit: 40-50
• Power: 45-60
• Eye: 35-45
• Range:  50-50
• Hands: 50-55
• Arm 65-65
• Run: 45-55


The Royals took Eibner in the second round of the 2010 draft and handed him a massive 1.25m bonus after he slipped out of the first round because of his desire to hit instead of pitch, something many teams might've valued more. Eibner has an amazing arm, working in the low-to-mid-90s in college and some reports even have him touching 97mph, so passing on pitching likely wasn't an easy call.

As a hitter Eibner is pretty raw despite playing three years in college but he's got impressive power and with refinement to his swing could be a very solid hitter. Of course, opening the season at age 22 in A Ball without a professional swing under his bat is concerning - especially when he didn't hit much in college. Defensively of course, his arm would play anywhere and given his range, he's likely to end up in right, though the Royals seem intent on giving him a chance to stick in center.


Another tough project given his general lack of college experience as a hitter and complete lack of experience as one professionally. His tools certainly play above average but how long will it take for his skill set to round out? That's the real question. Could be another .270/.330/.450 type hitter with plus defense in right.

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