Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Nightly Note

Talk about a disappointing day of writing. When I discussed writing being a journey yesterday, days like today are part of that journey. You can set out with noblest of intentions - to be productive and produce thought provoking content, to follow up on all your outstanding obligations - and then for various reasons, fail miserably. In that same piece, I noted that real life can be like baseball in the sense that improving your game means acknowledging your flaws. Well, it also means you're going to have games where you go 1-5 with a bloop single and leave 6 runners in scoring position.

Today was kind of like that for me.

Did I get some content out? Sure. But there were better pieces to be done and they didn't happen. Some are saved in various states of completion, and at least one was angrily deleted. Still others never made it off the drawing board.

Another thing, I have all these great interviews lined up, over a dozen players from across the AL Central spectrum who've been kind enough to agree to do a Q&A... haven't even e-mailed over the questions yet. Part of that is not being confident in the formatting, or the direction I'd like to go with my interviews; should I talk about baseball, or do topical pieces that are unique to the player?

Ultimately however, I find that part of making the next successful step is setting aside that disappointment or guilt, and turning it into improvement. I can't be certain that I'll produce way more content tomorrow, or that all that content will reflect the positive changes I aim to make in my writing, but I like the odds that I'll succeed in some regard.

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