Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morning In The Central

Ok, it's a really early morning in the Central set of links, but until I get an editor, I still get to choose my own titles, inappropriate as they might be. I trust everyone had a pleasant Valentine's day and survived their Monday's well enough.

I never got around to writing the Chance Ruffin profile I had intended to yesterday so you'll definitely be getting that today, and quite possibly one more profile. Also on the docket will be an examination of how Grady Sizemore and Carlos Guillen are faring in their respective rehabilitations following microfracture surgery and maybe another installment in my Sabermetrics Explained series - I've been wanting to delve into WAR before I start doing my projections for the season, and frankly I need to given how important that will be in my grading.

Not to call out a commenter by any means, but I had the privilege of interacting with one of my readers last night, and while it didn't start out so well, I'm pleased with how our interaction ended. Know this, I'm perfectly happy with criticism, appreciate it even. To some extent, being criticized is how you know you're doing your job well, it's also a great way to help you grow as a writer. Part of being an objective observer and an honest writer means that occasionally you're going to say something that will upset someone. Such was the case last night. To the gentleman/womans credit, they handled themselves with class and integrity, and though we didn't reach a consensus opinion I appreciate that they gave me the opportunity to explain myself further.

That's really all a writer can ask for. 

- The always impressive Seth Stohs covers his list of potential impact prospects for the Twins in 2011. Most of the names will be familiar to Twins fans, but even I was a bit surprised to see Tony Davis on the list. That's digging deep.

- Indians Prospect Insider keeps breaking down their Top-50 with #31 Zach McAllister, the player the Indians got from the Yankees in their mid-season trade of Austin Kearns.

- IPI is one of my favorite Indians sites, but Alan Ciammiachella is one of my favorite Indians writers, and staying on the theme of prospect count downs, he's got two new installments up including prospects 11-15 and prospects 6-10.

- Parker Hageman touches on Scott Baker's recent setback and highlights something I'm usually quicker to point out - that pitchers who deal with minor elbow surgery to clean up loose bodies have a startlingly high tendency to end up having Tommy John surgery shortly thereafter.

He thinks there's good reason for concern, and I for one agree.

- Kirsten Brown has a two part series breaking down something I've been convinced of for some time; that baseball is inherently superior to football.

- David Tokarz of Bless You Boys has his #25 Prospect Profile up, it's Cody Satterwhite.

I realize that's not much, but hopefully it gives you some good stuff to chew over this morning.

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