Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Morning In The Central

I've been gone for a long time, so lets get my writing started again with something easy - lets link to other peoples writing!

- Over at Let's Go Tribe they compare the talent levels of 2003/2004 to 2010. They also take a stab at the Indians perplexing second base situation where the team has far too many players for one positions.

- Nino Colla over at The Cleveland Fan has an excellent Tribe spring training primer. For those looking for a quick and dirty over view of what the team will be looking at this spring, it's highly recommended.

Also at The Cleveland Fan, you'll find Alan Ciammaichella's Indians Top-50 prospects. I've plugged this list time and again, and now I'm doing it again. His work is really top-notch so be sure to stop over and read up.

- Jason Kendall has become quite the Twitter punch-line in the last 24 hours after unloading on a reporter who was trying to ask a pretty benign question to Mike Moustakas. It's pretty hilarious stuff with Kendall making quite the ass of himself. #rewindyourself

- Jeff Parker of Royally Speaking did something almost inexplicable, he took a couple days off, but chipped in with a beauty on Yuniesky Betancourt and RBI. It's a good piece with some fun background from his old writing days. As always, his work is a must-read.

- Steve Adams has a good piece up at 612Sports asking the question, Is Delmon Young Part Of The Twins Future? He's good enough to link back to my work covering his arbitration signing, so that's gotta count for something, right? Personally I expect he will be, but Adams has some good points, and with the incredible outfield depth in the Twins system, it's at least plausible that the Twins could let him walk after 2012.

- When the Twins didn't sign Francisco Liriano to a long-term deal this spring, it surprised quite a few people and the subsequent and overblown fears about a potential trade sent the Twins blogosphere into a tizzy. But with Liriano having shoulder soreness this spring and reportedly checking into camp out of shape, people are now questioning his work ethic. Phenomenal Twins blogger Nick Nelson has a very well written piece discussing the whole ugly situation.

- Parker Hageman has a great piece that should help unravel the mystery that is the Twins new middle infielder, Tsuyoshi Nishioka. He's also got a great notes section with thoughts on all sorts of Twins spring training news.

- Southside Sox is running a really cool series comparing the three AL Central contenders by WAR broken down by hitters and pitchers. Part one, the hitters, is available today. Frankly though, there is a on of really good new content up over there since I went on break, including breakdowns of the AL Central right fielders and a great spring training preview.

- Over at North Dakota Twins Fan, Cody Christie has been a writing machine, churning out high quality daily Twins content. Be sure to stop over and take a look, you wont be disappointed.

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